Domain names are the addresses users use to locate your website. A domain name is typically composed of a unique URL and an extension indicating the type of website or business. Users can enter domain names into their web browser to send a request to the hosting server. The server then retrieves website files and displays them to users.

Hosting is the storage and access to files of a website. Users can enter a domain name in their web browser to request hosting. The server will retrieve the files and display them to the user. There are many types of hosting services, from shared hosting, which is the most economical option and shares server resources with other sites, to dedicated hosting, which allows for one website to be hosted on its own server.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is important in creating an online presence for your business.

Website Hosting

Website hosting providers rent space on their servers to website owners.

Google workspace

Google Workspace’s cloud-based nature is one of its key benefits.

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